Sometimes, our darkest moments are like the hands of a great potter – shaping and molding us into the people we were meant to be. At least that’s the case for Jason and Katie of Midnight Lights. 

From their roots of playing worship music together in church to releasing an album, an EP, and a handful of singles, this married duo has been making music together since junior high school. Together, they’ve been nominated for a CMAB award, performed across Canada, and have been chosen twice to participate in the prestigious artist development program Project Wild.  It is their greatest joy to weave together their faith and their music – writing everything from beat driven pop to modern worship anthems. 

But in 2019, their career came to a halt after the birth of their first child as Katie privately began a lengthy struggle with post-partum depression. Midnight Lights immediately stopped performing and writing.  In her words: “That was one of the most difficult times of our lives. I’m so thankful to have the fire for music back.” 

After two years of patience and healing, Midnight Lights excitedly returns with a new single – though they shouldn’t be mistaken for the same band that they were 3 years ago. After facing such a great trial, they return stronger and more determined than ever before, embracing life and music with thankfulness and passion. 

Along with their newfound joy comes revealing new music. Their upcoming single, “Gone Like a Ghost” is a poignant, soaring ballad penned by Jason and Katie with a relevant message: life can change in an instant, so hold on to the one you love. It’s also the first of their singles to feature Jason solely on lead vocals.   

“I really connected to this song in the recording studio” recalls Jason. “I was very emotional, which is super unlike me. It’s a very moving song and we’re so excited to finally be sharing it.” 

“Gone Like a Ghost” is the start of a new era for the duo – one filled with gratitude, authenticity, and heart for faith and music. With more coming very soon (including rumblings of a new project), there is much on the horizon for Midnight Lights, as dawn has broken through the darkness into a new day.